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Nintendo [NES] Console Premium

Nintendo [NES] Console Premium

Nintendo [NES] Console Premium

€ 119,95
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This premium Nintendo NES set includes:

  • Original Nintendo [NES] 8 bit console in perfect shade of gray
  • All required cables including free use scart cable
  • Brand new 72 pin connector

The whole set is in excellent condition, the hardware is not yellowed and shows no signs of damage. A wonderful item!

The most fragile part of the Nintendo NES is the connector with the games. Thanks to the new 72 pin connector, you'll never blow out of your lungs to work a game. The console takes the games a lot smoother and the durability of the entire system is also better. The new PIN connector is included with this package. You can install the connector yourself (you only need a standard screwdriver), or choose the option which the Connector is already installed.

The first controller can be ordered with a discount in the product bundle below.

We wish you a lot of fun (re)experiencing all your video game nostalgia!