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Batman [Wooden Art]

Batman Logo Wooden Art
Batman [Wooden Art]

Batman - Wooden Art

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Superman - Wooden Art

The logo of the darkest superhero of Marvel: Batman.

60cm x 40cm x 1.2cm

Completely new in original packaging.

Hanging system
Includes a free hanging system.

Our wooden wall art is printed on a flatbed UV machine to create a durable and unique product. The image is printed directly onto strong 12mm plywood made from Italian Poplar, allowing some visibility of the grain and knots which all adds to the character and individuality of each piece.

Wooden Art
More luxurious than a poster, more modern than canvas, and now exlusively with us: Wooden Art. We had to fight for them, but we got them, with official licenses and all! These wooden artworks hang beautifully on your wall!

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